Brazil, according to the E-marketer is now at the moment the 10th largest e-commerce market in the world and generally the 5th largest consumer. Between the Latin American countries, Brazil is the only one who makes it to the top 10 of the e-commerce lists, by making it one of the most interesting spots to look at. If you compare it with USA and UK, Brazil is showing an 18% growth year-on-year.

Another interesting fact is that more than 50 percent of Brazilian people have access to internet and more than 60% are using smart devices, even for their purchases. Cosmetics and clothing are on top of the list of the Brazilians shopping basket, making it an online hub for relevant companies. Their income has grown significantly during the past decade, during which a middle class has emerged, giving immense opportunities for the upcoming years in the field of e-commerce and even more, m-commerce, as Brazilians are currently preferring shopping online. In comparison with the other BRIC countries, such as Russia, China, India, the Brazilians are spending a significant amount of time online, which even surpasses the world average.


There are things that need to be considered though, when launching to the Brazilian market. For example, the Brazilians prefer an e-commerce service tailored to their own language and they are very comfortable using credit cards for their payments. There are also other things to take into consideration, such as the bureaucracy – but saying that it is too much, this is a massive understatement. Brazil is a marketplace in which one needs to follow strictly the rules and in which one needs to look at a long term perspective, in order to fully succeed. Walmart is a great example here. Despite the fact that the Walmart stores have closed in Brazil, Walmart Brazil’s online store is currently the largest online retailer in the country, with huge growth in e-commerce sales.

Seeing the example of Walmart, and others who decided to penetrate the Brazilian market, it is very important to understand the way the market works and to take into account three very important things: localising through language, payment forms, bureaucracy. You will need to understand the intricacies of localisation so that you can enter Brazil. The numbers are showing the growth – you just need to follow it, and make sure you get it right.


A great way to get to know the local market is by participating at local events and by networking with the businesses. In a few months BIASSA will participate at the E-commerce Brasil Forum 2016, one of the largest events on e-commerce worldwide and the largest one in Latin America, representing the biggest market in the area: Brazil. Grab the opportunity to join two days of conferences, workshops, intense networking and lots of side events that are expecting us and all of our clients who wish to join us at the trade mission we are currently organising, with the purposes of assisting them to expand their knowledge towards this market. Get to know from the best, as representatives from Facebook, Google, Mapie, Hub-spot, will be there to share their experiences with us.

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