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We bring you extensive knowledge of digital
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European Institute for
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Digital Transformation Executive Program:
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E-commerce Immersion

We bring together the industry leaders to
share knowledge and initiate new partnerships

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Biassa connects outstanding technologies with companies looking for growth

We design learning experiences that will help you grow. Biassa prepares companies and individuals to anticipate and adapt to the changes of the digital era. Through our partnerships with the leading tech solutions providers, we help create the path to your business growth and lasting success.

“The key to digital transformation is re-envisioning and driving change in how the company operates. That’s a management and people challenge, not just a technology one.”

Capgemini Consulting, Digital Transformation Report

E-commerce Immersion

Join our tight net and connect with the people that matter

In our events, we combine high-level content and networking activities, bringing industry leaders together to share knowledge, spark important conversations, and initiate valuable partnerships. Don’t miss our upcoming events!

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Online Academy

Knowledge is a powerful tool for growth. That is why we love talking to the sharpest minds in the industry and help you find solutions that will make your business bloom!


Tune in as Biassa explores digital evolution through engaging conversations


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Words of Appreciation
from our Partners

“The event (E-commerce Immersion) was a really positive surprise for us. It was very well organized and we saw a lot of people very interested in the subjects. If these events continue to happen on other markets the success is 100% guaranteed and we have full commitment to participate”.

Cornel Morcov, Chief Commercial Officer, Fan Courier

“I’m very proud that you (Biassa) have been working with us and helping us to expand to other countries. With faith, energy and volume of work. It’s quite impressive. I’m very happy to work with you”.

Mariano Faria, Co-CEO, VTex

“I think that they (studios, retailers and brands) need to embrace technology. Change. Because it’s there and it’s not waiting for you. If you don’t embrace it you are going to die. It’s just a matter of how long it’s going to take”.

Rune Ersgard, Director of Business Development, Pixelz

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