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The Demise of Bookstores

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent but the one most adaptable to change”- Charles Darwin.   About three years ago a respected Brazilian CEO of one of the most iconic Brazilian bookstores complained publicly that the “Black Friday” event was destroying the Christmas sales. You can read his […]

The Future of Fashion Product Photographers in E-commerce

The product photography industry has been subject to far-reaching changes in recent years. The rapid pace of this change is evident in every aspect of photography; just look at the number of startups offering innovative solutions for previously unrecognized problems in the fashion industry. Online retailers have access to diverse technology that is designed to […]

Can we still trust non-tech people to make the right decision?

We are living in fascinating times, on the verge of a great transformation in our society. If the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal implicating Facebook demonstrated anything of importance, it wasn’t that Facebook has a lot of ‘eyes in the sky’. Instead, the biggest insight was how clueless the congressmen interrogating Mark Zuckerberg were. They appeared […]