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The next generation marketplaces: Challenges and Opportunities

By definition, a marketplace is where a group of people gather to purchase and sell a large number of goods and services. The world of digital commerce experienced a huge leap forward by modernizing the definition of the marketplace after the massive adoption took place in the late 1990’s. At this time, buyers and sellers […]

Content marketing: does your brand influence your audience?

Marketing as we know it is undergoing a major revolution. In the wake of the major innovations that have transformed human relations, digital platforms such as social media and mobile devices have become what Marshall McLuhan, Canadian intellectual and the father of mass communication studies, calls “extensions of man”, because they expand people’s ability to […]

The woman standing up to American tech giants

Amidst a growing debate on regulation of the tech giants, there is only one person in the world of politics who has actually made a stand against Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook –   Margrethe Vestager, EU Competition Commissioner. Margrethe Vestager is challenging the biggest companies in the world and shaking corporate America.   Among her […]